ISLAND records

SIGRID's Sucker Punch

lyric video

This special project was commissioned by Norwegian songstress Sigrid's team at Island Records. Is was Masino Bay's first unofficial project, bringing the teams respective skills in coding, video direction and production together for the first time.

We developed an app which would place the lyrics of the track 'Sucker Punch' into augmented reality - live within 3D space when looking through a devices camera. Using Openframeworks for iOS and ARKit to create the apps, we developed a range of effects to apply to the text. Some effects were achieved using real time feed of the camera, such as texture mapping on the sides of a polygon, or rotation speed averaging. We filmed some of the lyrics with Sigrid, who was really open and responsive to this relatively foreign way of working. The rest of the footage was filmed in various locations in europe.


There is a looseness in the way we filmed it which complements the energy of the track - a dynamism that would normally be created using post-production software. The film has a ‘smartphone’ aesthetic which mirrors the masses of social content that populates our streams every day, but the augmented reality text and graphics gives it a really fresh and distinctive twist.

Some effects were inspired by the Weird Type App